Protypo Dialysis Center of Pella, is an ultramodern Dialysis Unit, which is located in the Region of Central Macedonia among Imathia, Thessaloniki, Kozani, Florina and Kilkis.

It is the forth unit of the Group of Protypo Dialysis Centers, which are operating in Greece, aiming to offer the utmost health services to kidney patients who are undergoing dialysis treatment and reside in the wider area of Pella & Imathia regions. Continuing the long tradition and the high standard of the provided services to hemodialysis patients, Protypo Dialysis Center of Pella guarantees qualitative scientific services at the excellent designated areas of its contemporary facilities.

Contact Details

1st km Old National Road Skydra – Edessa,Mavrovouni, 
58500 Skydra Pellas
Phone (+30) 2381051930
Fax (+30) 2381051935
Scientific Director:
Mr Nikolaos Zoumparidis


Protypo Dialysis Center of Pella, is accommodated in an ultra-modern, sunny and climate-conditioned building of 1.000 m², and consists of one large and fully equipped Dialysis Unit, comfortable waiting areas for patients and visitors, fully equipped locker rooms for patients and staff, medical examination areas, laboratory with contemporary equipment, office spaces, conference room & garage station of many seats etc.

The Dialysis Unit offers 28 dialysis seats (armchairs and beds) which are equipped with the latest technology Dialysis machines by NIKKISO Japan, providing the most known & reliable dialysis treatments, offering at the same time the possibility to each patient to be entertained during the treatment by choosing to watch TV/DVD and having internet access via free wi-fi.

The Centre features a double water treatment system of reverse osmosis, with additional water tanks that ensure the absolute autonomy of water supply.

During the hemodialysis there is exclusive use of high quality dialysis filters and different membranes, manufactured by the most distinguished worldwide companies, covering the entire frame of a high standard dialysis treatment.


For the first time in our country, since 14 September 2015, Protypo Dialysis Center of Pella offers night long lasting (7 hours) Dialysis therapy in a tri-weekly program (Monday – Wednesday – Friday, 11 p.m. – 06.00 p.m.). The structures of the Centre during the night operation, after the necessary adjustments of the provided equipment, operate regularly as they do in the daily schedule.

In particular:

  • nephrologist doctor & awareness of a scientific specialist
  • preparedness of cardiologist doctor
  • nursing staff in a ratio of 1/3
  • certified AMBULANCE driver
  • ambulance
  • independent audiovisual means and wireless TV
  • free WI-FI
  • security services

Up to today, through a personal interview-update of all of our patients, 24 patients with end stage of chronic kidney disease have been introduced and follow the night-time program. Before that they were under a chronic recurring conventional dialysis program with duration of 4 hours with all types of vascular access (fistula, implant, central venous catheter). During the night program, all the advanced options of the dialysis therapy are applied with basic/first choice the online haemodiafiltration of extremely high volumes (32L) in meta-thinning.

Technical characteristics of the method:

  • dialysis Machine NIKKISO DBB-EXA /Japan origin
  • polysulfone Dialysis Filters of correspondent surface
  • special adjustments of needles-lines or central venous catheters
  • low blood and dialysate flow rates during treatment
  • adaptation for heparin grant
  • monitoring of machine configuration
  • monitoring and recording of vital parameters


  • the conduct of night dialysis is entity secure
  • no problem has been reported during the therapy implementation
  • the chronic kidney patients of the Center have excellent acceptance
  • the positive results of an adequate clearance gradually grow
  • the adjustment of fluids and ultrafiltration factor contribute to optimal hemodynamic stability during the treatment session, with significant reduction of hypotensive episodes
  • the adjustment of the arterial hypertension results in significant reduction or discontinuance of antihypertensive medicines
  • the result of the effective regulation of levels of serum phosphorus is the full pause of receiving phosphorus-binding drugs and in most cases free diet nutrition
  • the nutrition indicators and quality of life are significantly increased
  • the hypertrophy of the heart’s left ventricle is gradually improved while the cardiovascular risk is decreased
  • the working and personal activities of the patient are improved since there are available hours during the day


Protypo Dialysis Center is employing experienced and highly skilled health professionals, such as nephrologist doctors and trained nursing staff, dedicated on dialysis care and ensuring everyday quality and high-level health services to dialysis patients.

In addition, the Center is collaborating with other medical specialties such as cardiologists, surgeons, microbiologists etc., offering together with the nephrologists of the Center the best medical solution to patients and a total health coverage of their needs.



Protypo Dialysis Center of Pella has the following features:

  • a fully equipped privately owned ambulance for the needs of patients
  • a modern and updated website, on which patients would be able to search for additional information on various issues related to their condition and the process of dialysis, the provided benefits on behalf of the State as well as ways of claiming them, etc.

Furthermore, the operation of Protypo Dialysis Center is governed by the quality assurance system EN ISO 9001. This certification guarantees the maintenance of consistently high standard quality processes of all the internal operations and services provided, which are verified by systematic audits that are held by independent recognized certified bodies.