Cookies Policy

1.- Introduction
The security and confidentiality of information and data are a high priority for our Centers. To achieve the above, we apply all the appropriate technical and organizational measures for processing purposes, the response of which is controlled at regular intervals. This POLICY explains what cookies are and how we use them on this website, the type of cookies we use each time you visit our sites, the information we collect using the cookies, and how this information is used.


2.- What cookies are?
Cookies are small text files which are stored on the User’s browser when visiting a website. The information stored in the User’s computer may contain information such as what pages the User visited, the date and time of the visit, and a random and unique User ID. With this use, the Site is able to store useful information of the User for his browsing on the site, as well as reading this information in order to provide the User with a unified browsing experience.
Generally, the use of cookies requires your prior consent, with the exception of technical cookies, which are necessary for the proper operation and browsing of a site. Without them, users may not be able to properly view pages or use certain features.


3.- What cookies do we use on our Site?
At this site we use only technical cookies, which are technically necessary to make the connection to the site. Otherwise, we use only the necessary cookies, which are essential for the proper functioning of our Website, allowing you to browse and use their features, such as access to secure sites. These cookies do not recognize your personal identity. Without these cookies, we cannot provide effective operation of our Sites.
If you do not accept these cookies, the performance and functionality of our site may be affected and your access to its content may be restricted.

4.- How to delete COOKIES
To find out more about the types of cookies and how you can manage them, please visit: If you decline to use cookies, some features of this site may not work properly.

5.- Rights
Every data subject has the right to know and have access to his personal data held by our Centers in accordance with this Policy.

The data subject may at any time contact with our Centers and in particular with our Data Protection Officers [210-3645691 or on Contact Details of our Centers, i.e i) «PROTYPO DIALYSIS CENTER ATHENS»: 3-5 Kratitos Str, Athens, Telephone 210 9374840, ii) «PROTYPO DIALYSIS CENTER ATTIKA»: 1 Valaritou Str, Chalandri (Attica), Telephone 210 8774500, iii) «PROTYPO DIALYSIS CENTER GALATSI» 31 Protopapadaki Str, Galatsi (Attica), Telephone 210 2130000, iv) «PROTYPO DIALYSIS CENTER ILION»: 119 Patroklou Str & St. Varvara Str, Ilion (Attica), Telephone 210 2694200, v) «PROTYPO DIALYSIS CENTER PIRAEUS»: 180Α Thivon Avenue, Agios Ioannis Rentis, Nikaia (Attica), Telephone 210 4215300, vi) «PROTYPO DIALYSIS CENTER THESSALONIKI»: 1 Agias Anastasias Str., Pylaia (Thermi) Thessaloniki, Telephone 2310 383100, vii) «PROTYPO DIALYSIS CENTER PELLA»: 1st km Old National Road Skydra – Edessa, Skydra Pella, Telephone 23810 51930, viii) «Dimokrition Nephrology Center S.A.»: Provincial road N2 Komotini-Iasmos-Xanthi – Ifantai Area, Komotini, Telephone 25310 81100 and xi) «PROTYPO DIALYSIS CENTER PATRA»: Old National Road Patron – Korinthou, Aktaio, Patra, Telephone 2610 934010], to exercise his rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (Articles 15-22), such as, inter alia, access to his data (in order to know what his data is and why it is processed by the Centers and his recipients), verification of the content of his data, his origin, accuracy and location, acquisition copy of his data, the request to supplement, update, modify his data, as required by law, a request to limit his data processing, request to delete his data, etc. These rights are in principle exercised at no cost to the individual.

Finally, data subject may at any time directly inform the Personal Data Protection Authority if it deems inappropriate use of their data (

We may modify and update the Cookies policy from time to time for compliance with regulatory changes or to meet its operating needs and legal obligations.

We reserve the right, in our sole direction, to modify or update this Policy at any time.

Last update: November 2023